Acoustic Series 1: Keep On Clapping, Bastille!

Bastille, a fairly fresh British band just released their first CD – Bad Blood. I kinda used it as an opportunity to start my Acoustic Series of posts on… well, musicians going full acoustic. Bastille worked well for me, as in my humble opinion, and with all due respect to those guys, I think they sound better in acoustic mode then in studio arrangements. Not sure why, perhaps too much electronic vibe on the album? Better check for yourselves. Here comes Bad Blood and Flaws arranged for a single guitar and lots of hands.


“Leon: The Professional” Inspires The British!

With twelve-month delay I experienced some luck while accidentally discovering one of better albums I heard lately – An Awesome Wave by bunch of Brits going by the name of Alt-J. At first it seemed really light and enthusiastic when I stumbled upon a song titled Dissolve Me for the first time. It led me to Breezeblocks which was a huge change of mood and a powerful blast with perfect arrangement and damn good maniac-like lyrics. After those two persuaded me to buy the LP, I noticed more nuggets, like Something Good and finally – my today’s killer track – Matilda.  

At first I felt it was good but it didn’t struck me at once. They had my curiosity but after I focused on the lyrics they got my attention – as somehow I felt I  knew it. But what really rung a bell? It turned out that the lyrics came to being as author’s reaction to the final scenes of Leon: The Professional and at this moment the song became ten times more powerful and if you remember the movie, you may also feel some emotions it fired up in me.

I give you a fan video to Matilda prepared by Annika Albert. Great piece of work by her, by the way: