“Leon: The Professional” Inspires The British!

With twelve-month delay I experienced some luck while accidentally discovering one of better albums I heard lately – An Awesome Wave by bunch of Brits going by the name of Alt-J. At first it seemed really light and enthusiastic when I stumbled upon a song titled Dissolve Me for the first time. It led me to Breezeblocks which was a huge change of mood and a powerful blast with perfect arrangement and damn good maniac-like lyrics. After those two persuaded me to buy the LP, I noticed more nuggets, like Something Good and finally – my today’s killer track – Matilda.  

At first I felt it was good but it didn’t struck me at once. They had my curiosity but after I focused on the lyrics they got my attention – as somehow I felt I  knew it. But what really rung a bell? It turned out that the lyrics came to being as author’s reaction to the final scenes of Leon: The Professional and at this moment the song became ten times more powerful and if you remember the movie, you may also feel some emotions it fired up in me.

I give you a fan video to Matilda prepared by Annika Albert. Great piece of work by her, by the way: